2018 Census Main means of travel to education by Statistical Area 2


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14 Jun 2020

This dataset was first added to Stats NZ Geographic Data Service on 14 Jun 2020.

The 2018 Census commuter view dataset contains the census usually resident population count who are studying (part time or full time), by statistical area 2 for the main means of travel to education variable from the 2018 Census. The geography corresponds to 2018 boundaries.

This dataset is the base data for the ‘There and back again: our daily commute’ competition.

This 2018 Census commuter view dataset is displayed by statistical area 2 geography and contains from-to (journey) on an individual’s usual residence and educational institution address* by main means of travel to education.

* Educational institution address is coded from information supplied by respondents about where they study. Where respondents do not supply sufficient information, their responses are coded to ‘not further defined’. The 2018 Census commuter view datasets excludes these ‘not further defined’ areas, as such the sum of the counts for each region in this dataset may not be equal to the total employed census usually resident population count aged 15 years and over for that region.

It is recommended that this dataset be downloaded as either a CSV or a file geodatabase.

This dataset can be used in conjunction with the following spatial files by joining on the statistical area 2 code values:

· Statistical Area 2 2018 (generalised)

· Statistical Area 2 2018 (Centroid Inside)

The data uses fixed random rounding to protect confidentiality. Counts of less than 6 are suppressed according to 2018 confidentiality rules. Values of -999 indicate suppressed data..

Data quality ratings for 2018 Census variables, summarising the quality rating and priority levels for 2018 Census variables, are available.

For information on the statistical area 2 geography please refer to the Statistical standard for geographic areas 2018.

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