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SA1 2018 Census Individual part 3a total NZ 2018 Census Only lookup table


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07 Apr 2020

This item was first added to Stats NZ Geographic Data Service on 07 Apr 2020

This lookup table refers to the web service 2018 Census individual part 3a data by SA1.
The web service contains data from the 2018 Census only, no data from previous censuses has been included.

The individual (part 3a) dataset is displayed by statistical area 1 geography and contains information on:
• Work and labour force status
• Status in employment
• Occupation – major group, by usual residence address
• Occupation – major group, by workplace address (1)
• Industry (division), by usual residence address
• Industry (division), by workplace address (1)

(1) Workplace address is coded from information supplied by respondents about their workplaces. Where respondents do not supply sufficient information, their responses are coded to ‘not further defined’. The statistical area 1 dataset for 2018 Census excludes these ‘not further defined’ areas.

The data uses fixed random rounding to protect confidentiality. Some counts of less than 6 are suppressed according to 2018 confidentiality rules. Values of ‘-999’ indicate suppressed data, and values of ‘Null’ indicate data not collected.

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