Territorial Authority Local Board (TALB) Hexagon Cartogram


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04 Dec 2018

This dataset was last updated on Stats NZ Geographic Data Service on 04 Dec 2018.

A pseudo-geographic representation of New Zealand's Territorial Authority administrative areas that gives each area an equal visual weighting. This dataset helps map users visualise data for areas irrespective of their geographic size. In traditional geographic maps, small areas can be overshadowed by larger areas even if their values are equivalent.

Each hexagon represents a Territorial Authority or Auckland Local Board. All Territorial Authority Local Board (TALB) hexagons are the same size irrespective of the geographic size of the TALB. A TALB's hexagon is placed in a position which approximates its actual geographic location in relation to its neighbouring TALBs. In this cartogram the Auckland local boards have been separated from the rest of the country.

TALB is a combined classification of territorial authorities for New Zealand and local boards for Auckland Council. The TALB hexagon cartogram uses TALB2013_V1_00, the definitive set of territorial authority and local board boundaries for 2013 as defined by Stats NZ, as at 1 January 2013. This version contains 21 local boards in the Auckland Council.

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