Incidence rates of work-related injury claims by geographic region, 2016


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27 Aug 2017

This dataset was first added to Stats NZ Geographic Data Service on 27 Aug 2017.

A geospatial dataset showing provisional data for incidence rates of work-related injury claims, and claims involving entitlement payments, for 2016, by geographic region.

Work-related claims measure claims accepted by Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) for work-related injuries.

This dataset contains incidence rates of work-related injury claims for the 2016 calendar year, calculated by Stats NZ. Incidence rates are the number of work-related claims per 1,000 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs). FTE figures are as estimated by Stats NZ’s Household Labour Force Survey. Entitlement payments include death benefits, weekly compensation, lump sum, and rehabilitation payments.

All figures presented in this dataset are provisional because claims for injuries that occurred in 2016 can still be updated and filed. Final work-related claim figures for 2016 will be released in 2018.

Geographic regions are groupings of territorial authorities (TAs). In most cases, regional boundaries follow TA boundaries. Where the TAs straddle more than one geographic region, they are assigned to the region containing the greatest proportion of their population.

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