2018 Census age, sex, and ethnicity by Urban Rural


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13 Sep 2021

This dataset was first added to Stats NZ Geographic Data Service on 13 Sep 2021.

This dataset contains sex by ethnic group (grouped total responses), for the census usually resident population count, 2006, 2013, and 2018 Censuses for urban rural areas.

The dataset uses geographic boundaries as at 1 January 2018. For explanation of the urban rural classification see Statistical standard for geographic areas 2018.


The census usually resident population count (CURP) of an area (subnational count) is a count of all people who usually live in that area and were present in New Zealand on census night. It excludes visitors from overseas, visitors from elsewhere in New Zealand, and residents temporarily overseas on census night. For example, a person who usually lives in Christchurch city and is visiting Wellington city on census night will be included in the census usually resident population count of Christchurch city. The CURP variable is rated as high quality.

Ethnic group includes all people who stated each ethnic group, whether as their only ethnic group or as one of several ethnic groups. Where a person reported more than one ethnic group, they have been counted in each applicable group. The Ethnicity variable is rated as high quality.


For information on quality ratings by variable, please see Data quality ratings for 2018 census variables.

Due to changes in the 2018 Census methodology and lower than anticipated response rates, time series data should be interpreted with care.


The 2018 Census confidentiality rules have been applied to 2006, 2013, and 2018 data. These rules protect the confidentiality of individuals, families, households, dwellings, and undertakings in 2018 Census data.

Counts are calculated using Fixed Random Rounding to base 3 (FRR3), and suppression of ‘sensitive’ counts less than six, where tables report multiple geographic variables and/or small populations. Individual figures may not always sum to stated totals.

For more information on the most recent 2018 Census confidentiality rules see Applying confidentiality rules to 2018 Census data and summary of changes since 2013

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