Meshblock with Regional Tourism Organisation 2017


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23 Sep 2019

This dataset was last updated on Stats NZ Geographic Data Service on 23 Sep 2019.

Regional tourism organisation boundaries are meshblock based and are created by dissolving groupings of ward and territorial authority areas. This version of regional tourism organisation boundaries is displayed at meshblock level and extends to the 12 mile limit. It is concorded to ward 2018, and territorial authority 2018. Regional tourism organisations are responsible for the promotion of their regions to potential domestic and international visitors.

Note: Not all 37 categories representing regional tourism organisation areas are currently operating as regional tourism organisations at the time of publishing. Those areas not operating as regional tourism organisations are: Kawerau (06), Rangitikei (14), Tararua (16), Horowhenua (18) and Waimate (28).

Fiordland includes Fiordland National Park, Manapouri, Te Anau, and Te Anau Downs areas with the rest of the area assigned to Southland. Where a regional tourism organisation area boundary crossed a meshblock the meshblock was assigned to whichever regional tourism organisation area the majority of the meshblock fell within. The meshblocks crossed by regional tourism organisation areas boundries are: 3174500 Fiordland 3175100 Fiordland 3173403 Southland 3172802 Southland 3172804 Southland 3172100 Fiordland 4004893 Fiordland 3191600 Fiordland 3191701 Fiordland 3192300 Southland 3192400 Southland 3193400 Fiordland.

Layer ID 99255
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 53589 (incl. 16 with empty or null geometries)
Services Vector Query API, Web Feature Service (WFS), Catalog Service (CS-W), Atom Feed